St. Ann’s High School


School Motto

Imbued with deep faith in God and inspired by the Spirit of our Foundress Venerable Mother Veronica and Apostolic Carmel Pioneers in Education, in collaboration with the staff, the institution strives to promote holistic development of all the students with specific focus on their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and aesthetic growth while pursuing academic excellence and preservation of environment.

The Crest and motto of the institution describes the aim and objectives of the Education imparted to those who enter its portals. The torch of Education lit in 1870 is still a living flame and the motto “EXCELSIOR” indicates the goal “Always higher, Always greater, Always nobler”.

Vision Statement

Drawing inspiration from Jesus Christ, the Supreme Teacher, protection from our Lady of Mount Carmel and direction from our Foundress Mother Veronica expressing solidarity with all people, St. Ann’s High School envisages the building of a God oriented Educative community to develop them as the precious Human Resource of our Society in striving towards the holistic growth of every child.