St. Ann’s High School


  • To inculcate love towards nature.
  • To create an awareness of plants and animals in our environment.
  • To know the importance of pure water, air and soil for the better living of human beings.


Science and maths club was formed in the year 1944, to learn science and maths with Interest, joy and to develop logical and scientific thinking among students

  • To recognize and appreciate the contribution of scietists and mathematicians
  • To apply the knowledge of science and maths in daily life
  • To improve and develop logical and scientific thinking.

History club

The History Club of St. Ann’s High School was established on August 6, 2011. The club was founded through the initiative of the students to develop social concern among themselves.

  • To create an awareness about political and social values.
  • Acquire knowledge of historical events.
  • To keep up to date about current affairs
  • To be sensitive to the prevalence of social evils in society.
  • To develop patriotism and national consciousness.


The Dramatics club aims to provide those with an initial interest in acting an opportunity to learn more about the art and theLiterary club is committed to tap the effective communication talent among the students.

  • To encourage its members to read great novels of literature.
  • Collect information about famous poets and their works.
  • To train the students in public speaking and acting skills.

Music Club

This club was formed to bring out the inner talents of the students in the field of music.

  • Music relaxes the minds of listeners
  • It brings relief during tension.
  • It promotes joy and well being.

Health Club

The main aim of the health club is to improve the health and hygiene among the students.

  • Awareness about home remedies.
  • Realize the importance of Yoga
  • Acquire knowledge about First aid

Sports club

Sports club aims to give awareness about the importance of Sports for the all round development of the student.

  • Inculcate spirit of sportsmanship.
  • Physical, mental and social development of the student.
  • Improve leadership quality.
  • Improve social emotions and mental health.
  • Provide stress free student life.
  • Train students to take part in sports.